Johnny Kudani Has Writer’s Block – Part 2

If you missed part 1 - this is a fictional story about Johnny Kudani who currently has an extended bout of writer's block. You should read PART 1 before continuing. You can access that here.

​After a brief pause, Johnny said, “You know, I didn’t”.

“That’s not like you Johnny”, an agitated Nina retorted.

“You’re right! It isn’t like me. I always ask for a name whenever I talk to people. Why didn’t I ask him his name?” Johnny said apologetically.

She knew he was stressed. “You can’t concentrate on that now. What happened next?”

“He said that writer’s block used to happen to him all the time”, explained Johnny. “But it hardly ever happens to him anymore.”

“How did he overcome it?” she said reservedly.

Johnny exclaimed, “That’s when the conversation got really strange”.

“How so?” asked Nina.

“Well first, he told me his name was Paul and we shook hands. Then, he asked me if I knew where my family name came from”, Johnny answered. “I expressed to him that I never had given it much thought.”

Johnny’s mom Carla, was never home much and they traveled all over the place when he was a kid. So she never really told him much about the history of his family. About the only thing she told Johnny was that his dad ran out on them when he was three years old.

​“He said the name Kudani is derived from a Swahili word that means to create, to invent, to imagine. No wonder I became a writer!” Johnny said.

Nina inquisitively asked, “How does this guy know all of this? Shouldn’t you be worried? Be careful of this guy, Johnny.”

Johnny was on top of it, “yeah, I asked him that myself. He told me that he started looking into my story because fellow writers tend to do that when they find ones that have talent. Paul told me he thought I had a gift for writing.”

“Well that’s the one thing he and I can both agree on”, said Nina. “Still it seems like this guy is stalking you. Be careful Johnny.”

“I’ll be home in a little while, Nina. I have more questions for Paul. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”

Paul was about the same height as Johnny. Neither were excessively tall but they would not be considered short either. He seemed very familiar to Johnny.

Johnny did have some questions but kept trying to sway the conversation to how Paul was able to combat writer’s block. Paul had his own agenda.

“I actually got into writing because of your books, Johnny.” Paul said.

Johnny was part flattered but also annoyed. How the heck was this guy able to produce nine books in less time that it took Johnny to write two? Johnny thought to himself.

Johnny paused for a brief moment and then said, “Look Paul. You seem like a nice enough chap. But I really don’t know you from Adam. And my wife is suspicious that you are a stalker.”

Paul barked out a quick laugh. “No Johnny, I’m not a stalker. But I am here to help. It occurred to me after publishing my ninth book, you still hadn’t published anything other than your first two books.”

“So you came here to brag?” Johnny’s tone was agitated.

“No.” Paul said. “Like I mentioned, I want to help you. I can get you past that writer’s block you are experiencing.”

“Well, I have to admit I would be grateful if you can help me. But why?”

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