Johnny Kudani Has Writer’s Block – Part 3

This is a fictional story about Johnny Kudani who is a writer suffering from a huge bout of writer's block. If you haven't read the first two parts, you may want to read those first as this probably will not make any sense otherwise. You can read Part 1 here.

“Johnny, there is something I haven’t been telling you.” Paul said anxiously.

Paul wasn’t sure how Johnny would react to the information he was about to give him.

“Go on, Paul. What is it?”

“I…I am your father. That is why I want to help you.”

There was a pause that seemed like an eternity to both of them, but in truth it lasted about five seconds. Finally, Johnny spoke. “But why did you abandon us?”

“Is that what your mother told you?” Paul exclaimed. “No, it was your mother that took you away. She kept on the move and never let me know anything about her or you. I was devastated.”

Paul now realized why Johnny never tried to find him. All those years, Carla was lying to him.

“When I saw that you wrote those two books, I just had to read them. They were fantastic. I was so proud. But I also knew I had a way to locate you, now that you’ve made a name for yourself.” Paul admitted.

They both sat in silence. This time it lasted for a couple of minutes. The silence was broken by the ring of Johnny’s phone. It was Nina.

“Johnny, are you almost home?”

“Nina, I’ve got a huge surprise for you. I’ll be home in a little while.” Johnny told her.

Johnny arrived home with Paul and could judge by the expression on her face that Nina was not amused. But after he explained the situation to her she came around and suddenly everyone acted as though they had known each other for years. They exchanged story after story while eating a wonderful meal and sharing a bit too much wine.

Paul described to Johnny how he overcame writer’s block and Johnny produced several best sellers over the next several years. Johnny now calls Paul his dad.

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