Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing: Which Should You Choose?

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Were You Able to Follow Through the Paths?

It seems a bit complex at first but if you spend a few moments you will be able to traverse the paths with no problem. So what path did you choose?

Three Outcomes to This Flowchart

I've seen comparisons of self publishing vs traditional publishing before. That's nothing new. What I love about this chart is that it gives a third alternative. The three alternatives described here are:

  • Self Publish
  • Traditional Publish
  • You're Simply Not Ready

If you traversed the chart and happened to land on the third option, i.e., the one that states you are not ready for publishing yet, don't despair. It's really meant to protect you from starting a project with the most likely outcome you won't finish. Publishing in any capacity requires a certain mindset and you should not approach it with the attitude that this is your ticket to financial freedom. Nor should you believe in any way, shape, or form that it is easy.

You can use this as inspiration perhaps, to change how you think about publishing. If you reshape your thoughts to understand publishing requires work and is not without its headaches, you can get in the game.

Publishing can be lucrative to those who pursue it with the right kind of inspiration and perspiration (more of the latter). It's actually a numbers game, meaning that the more assets you have, the more you are likely to make.

But there's a warning here: don't publish just for the sake of having a portfolio of assets. Publish because you can offer something of value. It's actually better to have less assets that are high quality as those will produce the majority of the income for you anyway.

Don't Rule Out Magazines

People go right for books when they consider publishing. There's nothing wrong with that and it should be part of your mix. But magazines can give you a stead and paid readership. Further, you could publish free magazines that help to promote your other assets like books, or your blog.

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